First photo assignment since COVID started

Well folks it has been a long time but I finally got to use my camera for something other than a webcam.  I hope you all get to get back to something of a normal soon and that you all stay safe.  Thanks Brandon Posivak the fun photoshoot.  

Social Distancing and Masks

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still in full swing, PLEASE think of others while venturing out, wear a mask and keep your distance.  I am one of those high-risk people for COVID. I was born with a congenital lung defect which has left me with drastically diminished lung capacity. So, I am sincerely asking you to do what you can to protect friends and family like me during this time. PLEASE WEAR A MASK.

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Getting out while staying safe

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still a big concern, I have been able to visit some remote places while practicing social distancing and wearing (PPE) personal protective equipment.  People please think of others while venturing out and wear a mask and keep your distance. 

Another Night at the Catskills

It is such a treat to capture live performances. This was taken during a performance of "Another Night at the Catskills" at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood last Sat. What an amazing show.

Enjoying an early morning walk.

There is something wonderful about getting up early and enjoying what this planet has to show us. I especially like getting out first thing to breathe in the fresh morning air and catching shots like this one. Enjoy! 

Out on the town in Hermosa Beach

One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting out and seeing new places, meeting wonderful people.  A short while ago I was out on a nice casual photo walk and stumbled on this great place called Dia de Campo in Hermosa beach.

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Mikes Guitar Parlor

Getting out and experiencing life and finding hidden gems like Mikes Guitar Parlor in Hermosa Beach is what getting out there is all about.

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Wedding Photography Creativity

One of the most exciting parts of wedding photography is being creative and finding ways to get the shot your customers have no idea what they're going to get.  Although being a wedding photographer can be stressful, there's nothing really like the rush.

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Frankly Speaking at Naja's Place

The Frankly Speaking Band, if you are looking for a band to rock out to with some of the greatest classic rock tunes ever, this band is for you. I caught them at Naja's Place in Redondo Beach and I can't wait to check them out during the Summer Music Series on August 28th at The Point in El Segundo.

See you there!

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